Many Paths

Join us as our UU Explorers share the many paths they have explored this year. Spirit Play, Spirit of Adventure, Children’s Chapel, and Universal Justice Sundays.  They have had a full year and want to share it with you!


Sandie will be focusing on the many areas of care that can assist  elders in having positive experiences with appropriate services. Sandie, with her business partner Beth A. Toomey, are owners/managers of Horizons, which is devoted to Geriatric Care Management. They both have extensive experience and credentials in developing and supervising programs for elders and … Continued

Make a Joyful Noise

It is often in the quiet and silent moments when a connection to the Divine is experienced. Yet what of joyful noise? What about singing and dancing, swirling and twirling? Reverend Bill gives his last sermon before GA (June 19th -26th) and his summer holiday in July. Come and make some noise this Sunday.