Truth-telling…A Moral Imperative – Jane Seagrave

Claims of fake news, media bias and spin threaten to undermine confidence in the very value of a free press in our society. While
there is plenty of room for criticism in how the media covers the news, the very act of seeking the truth and shedding light on it ismore important than ever. Why does truth matter and how do we recognize it?

Enough Is Enough – Reverend Bill Clark

Reverend Bill has changed the sermon topic for this Sunday in view of the recent news events in our nation, The title is “Enough is Enough,” and he will be examining gun violence in America.

Sanctuary – Reverend Bill Clark

The theme of our annual Pledge Campaign is “Building Sanctuary.” We will kick-off the Campaign this Sunday. But what does it mean to be a sanctuary? Is it only about safety and security, or are there other elements involved? Reverend Bill speaks to these questions and addresses how we all are Building Sanctuary together. At this service, we will be welcoming our most recent members in a New Member Ceremony.

9.24.17 Green Card Stories Steve Clark

9.24.17 Story Samuel Leikach

Goodenough Aug. 6.2017 The Pope and the Religious Naturalist

A Sermon, Welcome As a Spiritual Practice, and a story, The Story of Bat, by Alex Kapitan, given on April 23, 2017:

Welcome as a Spiritual Practice – Alex Kapitan – April 23.2017 

This sermon can also be heard.

The Story of Bat – Alex Kapitan – April 23.2017

UUSMV November 6, 2016 service was led by Paula Lyons and Arnie Reisman.  Below are two poems Arnie Reisman shared with the congregation.


Arnie Reisman Island Living

Sermons from Reverend Bill Clark:

The Life and Poetry of Rumi June 4. 2017

Poems by Rumi for 6.4.17 Service

She Was Warned… 5.14.17

White Privilege OR White Supremacy 5.7.17

4.16.17 Easter and the Earth Rev Bill Clark

4.9.17 Mitzvah Rev Bill Clark

Magical Thinking uusmv

Black Lives Matter 16

Bumper Sticker Theology

Sabbath Time

Authenticity uusmv

Indentity January 2014 Clark

Indentity January 2014 Clark

Angels and Ghosts UUSMV

Forgiving Not Forgetting UUSMV

Imagine Peace

Radical Hospitality UUSMV


For Reverend Amy Freedman’s sermons at the UUSMV, go to

Two sermons by Rabbi Lori Shaller:

     Toldot 11.8.15 for UU Church Sermon

     The Menorah Shines Light on the Light within Us SERMON

Other Speakers’ Sermons:

Dr Cornel West and Martin Luther King Sermon August 4.2013

AShiverRunsThroughIt2 August 11.2013

Singers of Life 3 31 13 Rev J Downing

Right Relationships Reverend Vicky Hanjian 3.17.13

Rev Peterson When Change Comes Calling

A Month of Miracles – Reverend Bill Clark – December 16.2012

Reverend Denis Meacham The Road to Paradise is Paradise 9.9.12

Steve Maxner.Hope and Posibility.9.23.12

9.4.11- Render unto Caesar Mike Kobran

Age-ing to Sage-ing 12.6.2007 Jane Thayer