“Thoughts on Transformation” with Rev. Vicky Hanjian

Rev. Vicky Hanjian

The intense years of  Covid precipitated profound  changes and transitions that have resulted in the impulse toward transformation.  Some of these changes have been subtle.  Others have been life jarring.   Some of them happened quickly.  Others have been slower in the manifestation of their effects. … but whatever the case, the changes of the last 3 years have set in motion a process of transformation. 


The Cambridge Dictionary offers this  definition:  Transformation – a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved.


For faith communities, transformation is a spiritual journey that has an intentional beginning but no end; we are always on the journey, never finished. Transformation becomes a reality when we pay attention to the changes and transitions life offers and then reshape our lives accordingly.

It is about attending to the Impulse of the Holy, deepening our relationship with it, and then placing ourselves in the flow of that Impulse.

Without our even consciously recognizing it, something may be  shifting, morphing, and evolving in our lives – – individually and communally.  Eventually, transformation demands our “YES” – as challenging and uncomfortable as that may be at times – if we are to become the fullest expression of LIFE that we are called to be.

UUSMV OOS for March 17, 2024