Reverend Bill Clark

The Sound of Silence

Spending time in silence always brings great benefit. Rev. Bill, having returned from his ten-day silent meditation retreat, will examine the sounds within silence.

Easter Fools

Reverend Bill returns to the pulpit as Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day coincide. Are there lessons from the Easter story that can fool us?

Quenching Our Thirst

Are you thirsty? As we move into the second month of a new year together, Reverend Bill asks the question: what do you thirst for? Justice? Equality? Love? What will quench your thirst? We will explore this topic together fromthe service that was cancelled for January.


As we approach the week of St. Valentine’s Day, Reverend Bill returns to examine the idea of “Agape.” What is the true meaning of this Greco-Christian term? Does it include the emotions and feelings in relationships? Or can agape stand alone?

Make a Joyful Noise

It is often in the quiet and silent moments when a connection to the Divine is experienced. Yet what of joyful noise? What about singing and dancing, swirling and twirling? Reverend Bill gives his last sermon before GA (June 19th -26th) and his summer holiday … read more.