Speaker: Reverend Bill Clark

Do It My Way

“Old Blue Eyes’s”—Frank Sinatra’s—version of this song always gets to me. “I’ve planned each chartered course, each step along the by-way.” As we prepare for our Annual Meeting this Sunday, what is the chartered course for UUSMV? Rev Bill will examine these themes.


Service Is Our Prayer

Following the example of former Presidents many of our leaders have done some sort of service on MLK weekend. Why is that? What about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King lead people from all walks of life to do some service for their country?


The approach to the holidays seems always to be a time of great anticipation. How do you handle the waiting and anticipating?

Light One Candle

Oh, Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah, come light the Menorah.” Rev Bill explores the significance and symbolism of the festival of lights.

Do It My Way

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, Rev. Bill explores the ups and downs of always doing things my way.

A Veterans Day Sermon

Reverend Bill shares the pulpit with some of our own veterans, as they examine the history of this national holiday and offer reflections on their years of service.

Walking, Running, Pledging

Reverend Bill returns to the pulpit to challenge us to walk our talk for outreach, to run our society with honesty and openness, and to offer our pledge of financial support to this, our congregational home.

Wisdom from the World Religions

As UUs world religions are one of our sources. The month of September gives us the opportunity to fully examine various religious holidays and their significance to our spiritual growth and development. Rev Bill will speak to us of wisdom found during this month.

Start Again

With the summer months behind us, we start a new church year. Rev Bill explores the joys and responsibilities of starting our church year with renewed energy and vitality. When in life do we get the opportunity to start again?