Reverend Bill Clark

A Cricket in the Dhamma Room

Have you ever been kept awake by a dripping faucet or the low hum of the air conditioning? Do you get easily distracted by noise, whispers or crickets? Rev Bill returns will explore the many distractions in our lives.


Mother’s Day can be a confusing day for many. Reverend Bill will be joined in the pulpit, as we explore this confusing and complicated day together.

Growing Pains

Everybody grows – from the youngest among us to the elders in our midst. Growing is a natural part of the cycle of life. Yet sometimes there are perceived problems and pain in this process of growing.

The Sound of Silence

Spending time in silence always brings great benefit. Rev. Bill, having returned from his ten-day silent meditation retreat, will examine the sounds within silence.

Easter Fools

Reverend Bill returns to the pulpit as Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day coincide. Are there lessons from the Easter story that can fool us?