Speaker: Reverend Bill Clark


What is salvation to a Unitarian Universalist? Do we need to be saved? And if so, from what are we saved?

A Question Box Sermon

A traditional UU sermon, the question box sermon is the time to ask questions of Rev Bill on any theological or ecclesiastical issue that have been in your head or heart. 

Guns and Roses

No, I am not talking about the rock group here. Rather, I am exploring gun violence and gun deaths in the U.S. Is this a choice or a way of life?

Finding Our Voice

As the school year begins to wind down and our RE programming comes to a close with RE Sunday on June 16th, Reverend Bill will explore the idea of finding our own authentic voice during these times of transition.

Running on Empty

Rev Bill returns to our pulpit prior to his vacation to examine the need for rest and rejuvenation. He will explore this on a personal level and institutional level. How do you know you are running on empty? How does a congregational community know? And most importantly how do we push through in these times of emptiness?