Let’s Play UU Spring Madness!

UU SM bios 2

UU Spring Madness bracket (5)

We are down to the final two:  John L Cashin and Reverend Daniel Stevens.  (Click on the bracket above to see who won the last round.) Even if you haven’t played before, you can still decide the reigning UU at UUSMV.  Send your favorite of John L. Cashin or Reverend Daniel Stevens to Dorie Godfrey no later than Wednesday. The reigning UU will be announced in next Friday’s email. If you  need information about John Cashin and Reverend Stevens, click on the bios 2 above.

For background information on this game see below:

Peter Palches shared a game played by some Episcopalian churches during March Madness – Spring Saint Madness, in which players get to vote for their favorite Saints.  We thought a UU Spring Madness might be fun, especially this year.  We are sheltering in place without any NCAA March Madness, so let’s play UU Spring Madness!

The format is straightforward: 32 UU heroes are placed into a tournament-like single elimination bracket. Each round will be announced in the Friday email, with voting open until noon on Wednesday.  So, from Friday until noon on Wednesday people vote for their favorite Unitarian Universalist.  The votes will be tallied and the next round announced in the Friday email!

Of the 32 UU heroes in the first round, 12 are or were in the Arts or Education; 4 in Politics/Government; 4 in Science/Medicine; 4 in Social Justice; 4are/were Ministers; and 4 are claimed by UUs, but not really UUs!

Of the starting 32 UUs, 16 will make it to the Round of the Staying Sixteen; eight will then advance to the Round of the Elite Eight; four make it to the Fabulous Four; two to the Championship; and the winner will be awarded the coveted Golden Chalice.