Postponed Due to Weather – A Perspective on Indigenous Spirituality with David Vanderhoop

David and Saskia Vanderhoop

The 1st in a series of 2 services.

A Perspective on Indigenous Spirituality

David Vanderhoop will speak to some common threads in the highly diverse indigenous spiritual experience. He will offer some historic truths around the abrasiveness of Christianity towards his people. David will deepen the practice of gratitude, a core concept for the people of the first light, the Wampanoags, and their relationship with the sun.

The theme of Intention will be utilized.

Nanauwe will participate and offer music ‘live’ via zoom with relatable songs written and performed by her.

Nanauwe is an Indigenous Vibrational Artist from the island of Noepe. She is part of the Wôpanâak tribe, also known as the People of the First Light.

David Two Arrows Vanderhoop, Aquinnah Wampanoag elder, was born and raised on the island of Noêpe, currently known as Martha’s Vineyard. David co-founded Sassafras Earth Education in 2005 with his wife Saskia, a nonprofit organization that reconnects people to the earth through ancient mentoring practices and offers consultation. David is a speaker on topics like Wampanoag traditions, truth in history,  decolonization, cultural appropriation, racism, spirituality, and increasing awareness of the first people. David is recognized in his Wampanoag community as a leader and holder of Wampanoag history, knowledge and stories.