Blessing of the Animals with Reverend Janet Newton

UUSMV OOS for April 30, 2023

During our April 30th Service we are planning a Blessing of the Animals. Here are 5 ways you and your animal(s) might choose to participate:

  1. If you have a well-behaved animal that can be trusted in the chapel space — specifically with other animals and people of all kinds — they are invited to come to church with you. If you have any concerns on that front, or if you’re simply not sure, please defer to option #3!

  2. Any children (or adults!) who treasure a stuffed animal should feel welcome to bring these beloved companions with them to the chapel to participate in the blessing.

  3. If you live with an animal that does not meet the “trusted in the chapel” description above, would not travel well, or would not fit in the building, please bring a photograph, either printed or on a device.

  4. If you are joining us via Zoom and would like to have your animal(s) receive a blessing, try to have them near you during that part of the service.

  5. If you would like to honor a beloved animal that has died, please send a photograph to Rev. Janet at for inclusion in a slideshow memorial.

We’re looking forward to this service and to meeting and hearing about all the dear critters with which we share our lives and love.