Follow that Star: Missions of Wonder with Reverend Janet Newton

UUSMV OOS for December 11, 2022

‘Tis the season that invites us into wonder and awe at our very existence — how we came to have life on our tiny tilting, twirling planet set in this vast, cold, inhospitable cosmos. As daylight dwindles and the night skies shift, we marvel at falling leaves and warm ourselves with fires and the comfort found in telling beloved stories once again. In short, we adapt. Marveling and adapting and wonder and awe are such powerful evolutionary tools — tools we use to dream, tools that make us cry.

Drawing upon this month’s theme of Wonder, we’d love you to join us at 5:30 pm on Thursday night (12/8) at UUSMV for our first Movie Night in the Chapel: a screening of the documentary Good Night, Oppy. We’re going to try to provide it as a hybrid experience — if you need to stay home you can click on our regular Zoom link and watch from there. We’ll have a short discussion time afterwards, and for the 12/11 Sunday service I’ll be referencing lessons on wonder and the human yearning for knowledge and connection prompted by the film. (You won’t have to have seen the movie in order to appreciate the service, but you might find it extra illuminating to experience both.)

For those of you who are convinced you have no interest in a documentary that’s ostensibly about a NASA space exploration project, I want to extend an extra special invitation. I’m not sure how to convey that this movie is so much more than it seems at first glance. Trust me? (Here’s a link to a trailer:
We hope to see you on Thursday night and Sunday morning at UUSMV.