How to Love a Church

In our service this Sunday our guest speaker, Amy G. S. A. Brooks, will reflect on the question of “why we do what we do” in our congregations and communities.

Amy G. S. A. Brooks is a cisgender, queer, Australian-born immigrant to the United States who loves a good cup of hot tea and hates mornings. Amy’s pronouns are she/her.

Amy is the author of Another Scroll: Defiant Readings for Lectionary Year C; and she has served congregations since 2009. Amy is deeply familiar with grief and trauma. She finds truth and meaning in the liminal spaces where humanity encounters the Divine. She claims kinship with her wife, Laurie; as well as their adult children, assorted members of their chosen family, and numerous pets.

In her spare time Amy enjoys reading, sleeping-in, and dismantling the kyriarchy.

UUSMV OOS for April 16, 2023