“Married to Amazement” presented via pre-recorded video by Rev. Sharon Dittmar

The wheel of life turns. Summer passes and autumn beckons. This is true within and without. In the autumn of the year and my life I am uncovering new and/or buried truths, turning once again. Strangely (or perhaps not strange at all?) I am called back to this line from the poet Mary Oliver, “When it is all over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement.” What does it mean to be married to amazement? How can we retain this essence regardless of season of life as well as heartbreak and hope, and what do we receive when we do?”
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Reverend Sharon K. Dittmar

Reverend Dittmar graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 1997. She served one year as Interim Minister at the Gathering at Northern Hills (Cincinnati, OH 1997-1998), and eighteen years as Minister at First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati (1998-2016). In 2016 she began work as Congregational Life…

If anyone is interested in previewing the sermon before this Sunday, you can find it here:  https://www.uua.org/midamerica/resources/sermons/married-amazement