The Waters that Belong to Us, and the Waters to Which We Belong

This Sunday we will engage in a beloved ritual for many Unitarian Universalist congregations: mixing and mingling the waters that give us life and blessing those waters through our attention and intention. While this ritual is common across the UU-sphere, just like a river it’s rarely done the same way everywhere. Here at UUSMV, we will have waters from a variety of different sources — from rain to pond to ocean to river to sink — present in our sanctuary.


First we will explore what each of those sources might represent to us metaphorically and physically, and then we will be invited to swirl together whichever waters are most meaningful to us in our own lives into a collective bowl. The waters and blessings mingled in that common bowl will become the source for further blessings in our congregation — child dedications and rituals of lamentation or cleansing.