Waffles and Worship with Rev. Janet Newton

When chaos, division and fear are the near-constant undercurrent flowing through the daily news, it’s easy to feel an impulse to disconnect from it all. Everything starts to feel too painful, too complex, too futile — there’s no way any one of us could possibly make a difference, right? Might just as well stay in our pajamas and eat waffles. But what if waffles actually offer us a way through, a way to stay engaged, a way to source hope?

This Sunday, join us in Stevens Chapel at 10 am for a special all-ages Waffles and Worship service with Rev. Janet. Wait: waffles DURING our Sunday Service? Yes! We’ll share a meal together and explore what it means to place faith in others if we want to build connections and turn away from despair.

Note: Although it will be possible to engage meaningfully in the service without them, if you plan to join us online you might want to sit down at the computer with your own food or drink.

There will be no printed or online order of service.