Happy Birthday and The Night Before Christmas – Reverend Bill Clark

This early service will be a child and family friendly service with a reading of the poem “The Night Before Christmas” and a birthday celebration for someone special. Come and find the magic of the season reflected in our children’s eyes.

Traditional Candlelight Service – “Oh Mary!” – Reverend Bill Clark

This Candlelight Service will be our traditional service with carols and stories reflecting on Mary’s role in the birth narrative.

Sharing Circle – Barb Caseau

The Sharing Circle is in lieu of our regular 11:00 am service.

A Jewish Girl Celebrates Christmas – Holly Nadler

Please come to Church on Christmas Eve morning with memories to share, in the form of a short poem, reading, objects or personal story. We’ll collect our voices in worship and song.

When Hanging out in the Bellies of Whales – Janet Newton

It can be challenging to locate sources of hope in the face of obstacles — both personal and political — that seem insurmountable. Join us this Sunday for an exploration of the ways we can be transformed by the act of hoping…