Courage Defying Fragility – Rabbi Lori Shaller

For the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, we are instructed to dwell in temporary structures to remind us of the ancient Israelites’ time in the wilderness. We are also instructed to invite inspiring guests to join us in these structures. Where do we find courage when life seems so very fragile?

Being Gardeners of One Another – Jennie Isabele-Shinn

In a worldview defined by stewardship, we are invited to see everything as “a loaner,” including our own gifts and inclinations. Naming and nurturing gifts in a worshiping community is a life-affirming act of pastoral care. It is also one step in the work of corporate discernment. And certainly, it is an act of faithful stewardship. But, is it worth the risk?

Candlelight Service 1

Candlelight Service 2