Speaker: Reverend Dr. Rob Hardies

Loving Through The Years

Our relationships are paths to the sacred—paths to meaning and love in our lives. This morning we consider relationship as a spiritual practice. What are the habits and disciplines that make for a fulfilling and enriching long-term relationship: either between two people, or between a congregation and their minister?

Ablaze, But Not Consumed

Rev. Hardies kicks-off his summer residency on island with a sermon about how we maintain spiritual resilience in difficult times—and how we sustain it over the long haul. Drawing lessons from the story of Moses and the Burning Bush, Rev. Hardies will share insights for how we keep our inner flame burning bright in the … Continue reading Ablaze, But Not Consumed

Why is the Buddha Crying with Rev. Rob Hardies

Monseñor Oscar Romero once said, “There are some things that can only be seen through eyes that have cried.” This Sunday, a first-grader’s question to me about a Buddhist figurine opens up a reflection on loss, grief and compassion. Join us online or in-person for a service with Rev. Rob Hardies