Speaker: Reverend Rob Hardies

Annual Candlelight Service

4:30 and 6:30 pm in the chapel! 6:30 pm service also available on Zoom.
No Sunday morning service this Sunday.

Join us as we return to Stevens Chapel for this beloved UUSMV tradition. Because of COVID capacity limits, registration is required for attendance. Please email office … read more.

One World at a Time

It is thought that the border between the living and the dead is most permeable in the days surrounding the Christian feasts of All Saints and All Souls, and the Latin American celebration of the Day of the Dead. This All Souls Sunday we will host a special service honoring those in our community who have died in the last year, and also ask how the conscious awareness of our death can help us live better lives.

The Year of Living Covenantally

Someone recently observed of Americans that “we live in a culture where everything is permitted and nothing is forgiven.” A culture that simultaneously tolerates outrageous and unethical behavior, while also “cancelling” people and “calling them out.” The religious practice of covenantal living, a practice at the heart of our UU faith, offers another vision of what human community can be.

Call and Response

If we are patient, we can discern a rhythm to the world. A cadence, if you will. A pattern of life calling to life. Of life responding to life. How is life calling to you? How will you respond?

Henry David Confronts the Donald

Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”—his ode to the prophetic power of conscience—inspired both Gandhi and Dr. King. In the Age of Trump, it can inspire our own commitment to resistance.