“Say This Isn’t the End” with Rev. Janet Newton

Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024 “Say This Isn’t the End”

In June of 2020, the poet Richard Blanco published “Say This Isn’t the End” in The Atlantic. He was looking out at a world swirling with the chaos that accompanied our earliest experiences of the Covid pandemic and wondering what it might all come to mean — at a time when there was no way to know what was coming. We could not locate enough distance from the day-to-day uncertainties to start the work of making meaning.

In the days after the arrest and murder of their teacher, it’s easy to imagine that the followers of Jesus were feeling similarly unmoored, turning to one another and asking…pleading…praying “Say this isn’t the end.” How did they come to make meaning of their loss? How might we?

UUSMV – OOS for March 31, 2024