Saving the Planet One Family at a Time 

The “ interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” a concept we affirm in our Seventh UU Principle, is an idea never far from home for UUSMV members Steve and Emily Solarazza.

With assistance from Michelle Vivian-Jemison of MVTV, we will see photos taken during the construction of a strawbale house, fifteen years ago – now the only home children Siana and Bowen have known. During a tour guided by Emily and Steve we will learn about: the solar orientation; the astronomical R-factor; how the hot water system works; a stovepipe that for some reason slants to the right (we’ll learn why); and how they have squeezed in fitness equipment for Bowen. Overall, we will see how this building works,  built from straw,  as a place for a family to live.

The experience of building and living in this house is central to the value systems of the Solarazzas. Emily will talk about how living there helps her feel connected to the world. Steve will talk about how he came to be the person who wanted to design and build this house – how it reflects who he is.

We will also take a brief look at another project of Steve’s — an electric pickup truck he  built from castoff parts  which bears an inspection sticker from Mass RMV.