Speaker: Rebecca Gilbert

Ancestors with Rebecca Gilbert

Rebecca Gilbert has been honoring ancestors since 1973 and will share some tricks and tips for working with them.  This is the season when many cultures celebrate the dead. In Rebecca’s Celtic tradition, these practices gave rise to Halloween and All Souls’ Day when, it … read more.

Winter Solstice Service

Join us as Rebecca shares some inspiration from the natural world about the power of the small, and using this time to plant seeds for change.

Rebecca is the co-owner/operator of Native Earth Teaching Farm in Chilmark.  She is an inspired herbalist, a dyer of fabrics … read more.

Season of Harvest

August 1 is one of three harvest festivals in the Celtic tradition…This theme of harvesting what we have planted inspires Rebecca’s discussion of generational trauma, whether personal, family based, or societal, and how to disrupt it’s transmission.

Celebrating Ostara

To mark the vernal equinox, Rebecca Gilbert will join and inspire us with her message on The Courage of Seeds.

Winter Solstice

The service will share the meaning of this ancient celebration for the return of the light after hours of darkness.


Rebecca will share her knowledge of the Vernal Equinox or Ostara as celebrated UU Pagans. This is the time of year when seeds stir in the dark earth as new life gets ready to burst forth and sunlight hours increase.